About Hagebutte Verlag

With the independent Hagebutte Verlag (rose hip publishing house) we would like to contribute to the cultural exchange between the Persian and the German language area. Different genres of literature are published in German and Persian language.

We will place the emphasis on children's literature. With translations and bilingual books, children should get the possibility to experience and feel the language and culture of the other country.

In addition, there will be various projects for children and young people from different cultural areas. Through literature, language and exchange, we want to reach an approach and friendship between the cultures.

Rose hip

The rose hip is the fruit of the rose.

You could say, when one language is translated to another, every language is once rose and once rosehip. For both languages ​​are interdependent, flow into one another and enrich each other.

The Hagebutte Verlag would like to be a sunny, protected garden for the growth of this friendship-roses between the German and the Persian language.